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    PowerPoint vs. Keynote
    I have to do a couple of those presentation things, what should I be using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by climbguy
    I have to do a couple of those presentation things, what should I be using?
    Depends on what computer you'll be using to do the presentations. Can you save Keynote presentations in a format that can be viewed on computers without Keynote? If not, I'd go with PP. Most PC's will have PP; if they don't, MS offers a free PP viewer as a download from their site. They may even have a Mac version (not sure though).

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    Keynote can be exported into PowerPoint, Quicktime and a range of other formats, keynote is also cheaper than PowerPoint as far as I am aware. PowerPoint however will definatly be compatible with PowerPoint while Keynote may have some incompatbilities.

    If you need it on a profetional level in a work place with Windows PCs running MS Office, powerpoint is probably the best bet. However Keynote is very nice as long as you can be sure everything you do in it will work on powerpoint.

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    Or, if you never need powerpoint.

    Powerpoint allthough the standard, does not mean that you have to have everything compatible with it inorder to buy keynote. If you are going to be running your presentations off of a mac, where it be a laptop or desktop, then you don't need to worry about weather it will work with powerpoint or not. If you ever feel like you need to distribute your presentation to a large number of people and you are worried that they will not have keynote, then there is always the quick time export. If you are planning on using powerpoint a lot though at the office or what ever you will be doing, they I recomend that you get powerpoint, it is the standard to go by, so if you need standards then powerpoint is ofcourse the way to go.
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    Keynote > PowerPoint

    Like PBG4 said, if you're not going to be showing it *from* your Mac, just export it as a Quicktime movie and play it from the computer you will be using.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atomheartmother
    MS offers a free PP viewer as a download from their site. They may even have a Mac version (not sure though).
    Yep! they have one here

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