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    MSN messenger
    I am planning on getting an Apple Macbook soon (for my hospital stay when I am recieving a bone marrow transplant, I can not LIVE without a computer). anyways... my question is this...

    I know there is aMSN for OSX, it supports video chat, but not voice. I *need* voice *and* Video together, as I use MSN messenger with webcam and microphone every day for hours and question is: Will MSN messenger, on Windows XP, through Parellels, running on OSX, be able to use the iSight camera and mic at the same time? I searched the forums for this answer and didn't find it..

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    Wont it be easier to use BootCamp, WinXP and then MSN. Id hope the inbuilt stuff would still work with bootcamp since you make a Mac driver disc and id hate to think Apple didnt bother including them.

    Oh and best of luck for the hospital stay

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    I don't think parallels supports the iSight (I don't have my External drive with my XP install on to test) but I think BootCamp has gotten the iSight to work
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    Yes, the iSight will work with Bootcamp. As a side note, MS just released MSN 6.0 for Mac (not a huge improvement) but why that's important is they also announced they're actively working on supporting video/voice in the next version.
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    Adium is also supposed to be working on bringing video/chat to their service but I don't know if this will be happening soon...

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