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    Microsoft's MSN Messenger version 6 (universal)
    Microsoft MSN Messenger Universal Version 6 is out.

    Been using it for a while now and it is definately better now - faster and less buggy. In fact, the typing of messages is blazing fast now, compared to older versions. There is also better integration with the MS Live service, altho it certain has fewer features than the windows verison for obvious reasons. Here you go:

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    I can't get it going, its installed but starting a convo, e.g double linking persons name, causes MSN to crash, and the error report window comes up.

    Great, where can I download the old version?
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    I use the Live Browser on my PC and the Mac version on OS X. The Live version is so much better. I wish Microsoft would produce a better messenger for Mac than PC like their office system (I like office for Mac much better than Mac for PC).

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