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Computer.Geek 09-25-2006 12:30 PM

How to use Handbrake to rip dvd's.......
I have used handbrake successfully to rip dvd movies but am having difficulties ripping a sitcom dvd with 8 episodes. Is there a way I can rip the whole dvd w/o having to do each one separately? If not, is there a recommended program I should try out?

dtownley1 09-26-2006 07:04 AM

yeah, you can. If you have the latest version, you can make a queue for each episode (should have a tick-box or options at the bottom of the window.) Just be sure to RENAME each file before you add it to the queue. My brother forgot that and had each episode write itself over the previous one.

As a side note, I prefer to always use deinterlace and crop in a few pixels to get a nice clean picture.

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