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ISeemToBeAVerb 09-25-2006 12:24 PM

Selective Cloning-Transfering To A New Mac
I am currently trying to transfer over to my new Mac. I have quite a few applications that I would like to carry over, but I don't want to do a full clone of my drive. What is the best method for cloning over selectively? Is there a method that can just transfer over an application and its associated files?


PowerBookG4 09-25-2006 12:45 PM

You can boot your old computer in target disc mode and then just drag the files over to your new computer as if your old computer was an external drive. You can also just install the applications onto your new computer with the discs that came with them, might just be easier.

ISeemToBeAVerb 09-25-2006 12:59 PM

Target Mode is an option, but I would then have to manually search and copy all associated files. I COULD reinstall everything, but I was hoping there might be a more efficient way of copying what I need over to the new Mac. :-) Thanks for the input.

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