Well , I have a powerbook G4 i use it to connect to BTHOME hub to connect to kai , like this :
Powerbook ((((((Wireless)))))) Bthome hub.

and i have my Xbox connect to the hub wired. like this :
Xbox[[[[[[[Wired]]]]]]]] to the hub. I cant really change my setup right now so its gunna have to stay like that.

The people at xlink Do not care about macs...and I rely on the xlink community to help me out , which they didnt , but tried. So i wondered if you guys knew anything about this it be soo cool if you guys helped me out . Please dont send me back to xlink , they dont help.

My whole network is DHCP , is that ok? If it does how do ichange to static? I can do everything on my Xbox (weather XBMC marketplace , Scipts , linksboss , radio , FTP.) JUST NOT KAI!
I can see arenas but ... i cant see games when im on Sys link , it says : "Network Reachable: Not yet." Driving me crazy. Cant see my xbox either "0 console". It may have something to do with my kaid conf:

Verbosity = 0 (what does this mean)
ConfigURL = http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/connector...tgetconfig.php
UIBind = :34522 (What should i do with this)
OrbPort = 34525 (What should i do with this)
EngineBind = :0 (???)
EnginePAT = 0 (???)
SniffDevice = en0 (???)
LocalDevices = 0 (???)
Username = rastaninja9
Password = XXXXXxX
AutoLogin = 0
XBoxHomebrew = 0

And also note this:
ORBuisburg , Germany (???)
Network reachable:Not yet. (Grrrr)
External IP...Not blank , just not nessasry)
External port:60217 (Where did This come from??)
Interface:en0 (is this right?)
Interface locked:yes. (whats this)
Technology: libpcap (this)
MAC cache entries: (and this)

So could you help me?? Would be great if you could.

Thanks for reading
Thanks in advance.