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Thread: Quark7 VS Indesign (want «old timer» Graphic opinion)

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    Quark7 VS Indesign (want «old timer» Graphic opinion)
    HI guys!
    I've been using Quark for the past near 12 years. Last past year, I was thinking about switching to Indesign.. then the new Quark7 arrived. I love it pretty much... but...

    My problem is that there seem to be more and more people working on Indesign now and it give me some problems when I have to work on a project and it come in a Indesign document.

    So, and this question is for «old timers» graphic artist, people who had worked on quark for many years* and had switch to indesign.. and for sure know quark7.... am I exceeded with quark7 and should I convert to Indesign?

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    you might want to ask that question here too ...
    lots of long time Quark users seem to visit there

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    I guess Quark 7 is just so much different from 6? I find it hard to believe a crappy product for years can all of a sudden be great. Maybe I am hard on them, maybe I should say they were not up to snuff. Problem is nobody could really challenge them with a comparable product. Pagemaker was decent but still not as good.

    I used Quark when I first got into design but that is because I was forced by my instructor. We then began using InDesign in the CS release and i fell in love with it. I haven't touched Quark since. I don't plan on trying 7 either because I am happy with InDesign. CS3 Indesign am sure will be just as good, if not better than Quark 7, when it is released.

    Quark has been industry standard for many years but I believe that is changing, considering the transition art departments are making in the design field.

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    You might as well stick to what you know. It depends if you can put up with a couple of weeks of relearning, and the hold up in work it'll probably cause.

    Lots of people jumped ship when Quark messed up with V5 and 6, but we've never had any problems sticking to Quark, archaic though it is in a lot of areas.

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