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    Exclamation Microsoft word files won't open - SBBOD!
    Hi there. Word files simply will no longer open on my new G4. I have tried opening the files in every way imaginable, have trashed the .plist and am now at a loss! I just get SBBOD every time I start up the app and I get no response from the program if I try to open files by clicking on them.

    Anyone else had this frustrating experience!?

    peeps :mac:

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    do the .doc files open in textedit app?

    I had something similar happen to a lot of files I created in Appleworks a few years back. I think a simple update fixed the app. Apple technicians were able to rescue the text files.

    Try opening your files in textedit, and check for updates for microsoft word. I had to update my version recently, and the update description indicated that microsoft office is a target for some people in the spread of viruses and whatnot.

    Here's to hoping something like that will help fix the problem

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