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    what happened to my Front Row?
    So i tried using my remote yesterday for a movie thinkin i'll get the cool fade to black effect but i ended up on my desktop. tried searching for front row in spotlight but that didnt result in anything. downloaded and ran frontrowupdate1.3 and was told that i need to have frontrow installed in order to run this program....... it somehow disappeared off my mbp

    is there a way to reinstall front row off the restore disc or get if online?

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    Probably on your install disc if it came with a new mac. Pop in your install disc 1 and follow instructions. You should get a list of options, one of which is to install software. If it is on there then check it and hit install. I don't have Tiger but going based on what I do know about Mac OS.

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    I think sursuciofla has it sussed.

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