I've got an HP Deskjet 882c. For some reason, the drivers supplied for this by HP don't allow me to share the printer, even though the drivers they supply for WinXP/Linux do. I don't want to put the printer on the PC because since it dual boots that's a bigger config mess.

So I start looking for ways to fix this. Turns out that the drivers i use in Linux have a MacOSX install version. This requires CUPS 1.2.X and Panther comes with 1.1.x So I upgrade CUPS to 1.2.3 from www.cups.org's supplied .dmg

Then the nightmare begins.
First CUPS doesn't work now. It seems that cupsd won't run. keep getting this
dyld: cupsd Undefined symbols: cupsd undefined reference to _sigset expected to be defined in /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib Trace/BPT trap
Can't find any reference to this issue. Seems I am the only person in the world who can't get CUPS running on OSX. Well, 1.1.x ran, and could be accessed, and I searching for how to get 1.2.3 working find that the gimp-print drivers that comes with OSX has an update on sourceforge that includes my printer.... it also just requires CUPS w/o concern over what version.

Well, I'm in no mood to fight with 2 things, so I decide I'm going to switch back down to 1.1.x. Take a look at my OSX install discs, find that cups is not its own package. So I search, find that there's this thing called pacifist that can do it. Get and install pacifist, but I've got a new issue.... it's highly unstable.

If I use the apple install option to tell it to start loading all the files from the OSX install disc it dies unexpectedly (seriously, that's the error message). If I open single packages I'm in good shape. I can't find any referecnes to printing that aren't obviously the various ppd files for misc brands, so I try to check out baseinstall and BSD.... baseinstall it says is empty, and BSD gives an error abou a BOM file missing and then pacifist crashes. I just want to reinstall cups. or get 1.2.3 working. I don't care one bit which. I don't REALLY feel like waiting for a reinstall to complete.... I just got it set up right after one of those (well.... except printing).

PLEASE HELP! I'm going mad here.

PS... could someone who happens to know where on a trayload CRT G3 iMac the 2nd RAM slot is please email me dravenloft at gmail.com? I can find the first slot, and the video ram slot.... but ... uh.... the only instructions I can find online are a little fuzzy on where I'm supposed to look.