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    Can't kill/killall this program
    I am using MacFreePops to retrieve my emails from my two yahoo accounts on Apple mail. The program has a quirky nature of hogging the CPU when I close the lid and open it again. The daemon "freepopsd" hogs the CPU and memory. Whenever it happens, I use the killall command to terminate it and restart it.

    However, it has become resistant now. See this screenie:

    I am unable to kill this program by kill or killall, even as a superuser (sudo). I don't want to restart or relogin everytime... is there a way to terminate this nasty little program?

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    Get the process ID, then pop to the command line in Terminal and do:

    kill -9 <processid>

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    Quote Originally Posted by cazabam View Post
    kill -9 <processid>
    Thanks, it worked!

    Also, I'm stuck with a similar problem now. I want to kill a process by its name after 60 seconds of bootup (the process starts as root, and I login as administrator). Any ideas??

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