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    Need help installing Safari
    I'm having some trouble installing safari. Here is my problem: I'm using Mac OS X 10.3.9 and I originally had safari 1.3.2. My brother borrowed my machine over the weekend and was browsing the apple site and thought he would be doing me a favor by installing safari 1.2. I didn't notice until I checked my gmail account and it said that I was not able to view it in standard form.

    I've tried going to the apple site and downloading 1.3.1 but each time when I get to the "select a destination" stage it gives me the message: "You cannot install this software on this volume this system cannot use this software."

    I've since been researching other forums and one thing that seemed to work for one poster was deleting the safari application and everything associated with safari and then reinstalling. I did try this and still no luck, so now I'm affraid that I've royally screwed up by deleting safari. If you haven't noticed I know very little about computer problem solving.

    Please help me.

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    Did you delete the preference file ? (called '') They can be found in your home library folder in the preference folder.

    You could back it up first if your concerned about loosing anything. Just move the files into a folder on your desktop.

    Your bookmarks are saved in the library > safari folder by the way.

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    Try AppZapping it and then reinstall the application.
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    wouldn't going to apple(menu bar)>software update do the trick? That's how I update most of my apple stuff.

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    Did you delete the reciept?
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