I have 40GB of MOV files and they all have this specs:
- 640x480
- 4000kbps bitrate

Now, when I go to DVD Studio Pro -*- Preferences -- Encoding -- SD DVD... I have the bit rate so, lets say for instance 4000kbps bit rate, I import a video file (AVI, MOV or others), DVD Studio Pro will convert that file to 4000kbps encoding on MPEG-2 (.m2v files), right? Now, what about if I change the bit rate to 2000kbps, now the file I just transfered to DVD Studio Pro becomes smaller, and the quality gets a bit lower, but it is ok, what I really need is to fit my home videos to at least 2-4 DVD, of not, that would be a shame if it didnt work as I wanted. So, 2000kbps, the quality is good, not bad... Now here is my question...

Can I change the bit rate to 1000kbps,, 1500, or even lower than that? How? Why cant DVD Studio Pro have this option of a bit rate lower than 2000kbps, how can I do it? Is there any trick, please advice, I am trying to do this encoding for a month and I really need to finish it for the next week and put it on my DVD Presentation.

Is there any plugins or that sort of things that can HAVE the option of lower than 2000kbps bit rate constant on DVSP4?

Thank you for reading this, any help would be really appreciated... :headphone

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