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Thread: Photo viewing software

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    Photo viewing software
    Sorry for all these tedious questions, I'm new to Macs :-)

    What is the best alternative to Picasa for Windows - I don't really like Apples Preview software and I don't fancy paying for a .mac membership?

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    iPhoto should be included with your mac that's pretty much Picasa for mac. There are some differences, but the basic concept is the same. There are some others, although I can't remember what they are - I just use iPhoto.

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    Irfan View, ACDSee, Gimp...all good image viewing/manipulating software which are a mix of Freeware/Shareware.

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    I would say iPhoto. Great app, included for free with new Macs.
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    You may wish to consider QPict. It is an excellent viewer and organizer. I tried lots of them when I came to Mac (only a few months ago) and settled on this shareware item.

    Go to

    Qpict is shareware, not freeware, but in my opinion, more than worth it. Coming from Linux, I was adverse to paying for ANY software but I found QPict to be good enough to be worth paying for. It is now one of a very few paid applications I have purchased.

    If you feel like installing Apple's X11, and then DarwinPorts, you can run two of the Open Source world's best alternative, F-Spot and DigiKam. Both are very, very good at this sort of thing. I bought QPict before I realized that DarwinPorts existed or else I might have done the same thing. Having paid for it now though, I use it vs. its Open Source equivalents.
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