My mac pro has arrived but I'm no expert with mac osx, I dont know much about it yet. Anyway I want to install bootcamp and I want to check for any firmware updates etc first. I've been using tiscali broadband with the sagem modem that came free with it. It works fine with all my pc's and my ibook which runs 10.2.8. I'm running 10.4.7. I install the drivers for the modem and it says everythings fine, I restart and the ADSL monitor thing it installs says the modems not connected. It is, and I've tried various ports. I've read other people have had this problem, some say it's because it's a cheap modem. Any help or light anyone can shed on this would be great, it's really annoying me. Is there a way around installing drivers, can mac osx just install a generic usb modem? Im already starting to dislike mac osx cos its apparent lack of flexability, go and prove me worong here!