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    Is there a reason my games.....
    Is there a reason when I try to play games on my iMac they look like crap?
    I mean, I know iMac's aren't made to be gaming machines, but I heard they played them pretty well. I mean, I saw that Half Life 2 video on Youtube and was impressed, it looked better than on my gaming PC (which was pretty decent, about 3 years old, but I payed 2.5 grand, top of the line at the time).

    Anyways, I have a brand new duo core 20 inch iMac, 2gb RAM, 256 gfx card and all that, but I tried a few demos of games ported to Mac, and they looked terrible.
    Doom 3 looked terrible and lagged, but that didn't bother me all too much, it's an intense game, but even older games that never had the greatest graphics, like Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast look TERRIBLE. Everythings blurry, explosions look like they did on N64, it's terrible.

    Is this because they're ports?
    Will games run better on bootcamp?
    Or is it something else?

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    The games you tried probably aren't Universal Binaries which will hamper performance considerably using Rosetta.
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    Try the demo of Quake 4, crap is not a word I'd use to describe it ... Then buy it, download the SMP patch (multi-processor support) and enjoy

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    If they look blurry, it's probably because you have the resolution set low. The thing with TFTs is that they are designed for exactly one resolution. The closer to that resolution the game runs, the better it will look. Try turning the resolution up to native and dropping detail if it lags - it should still look much better.

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