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    closed captioning problem on eyetv
    Hi, I recently bought an eyetv 250. The closed captioning does not display properly. Many alphabets gets omitted, and letters get jumbled up frequently. Sometimes, it skips a line or displays it for only a fraction of a second. At its worst, the closed captioning is totally illegible. At its best, every other line has many letters missing or displayed incorrectly. (eg. 'brother' is displayed as 'brhr' or 'missed' as 'myissed' ). I tested programs on my tv directly, and they display fine, and so i know its not a problem with the signal. the same program which is fine on the tv, is not proper on eyetv. Also, this is a problem with every channel, and is pretty consistent. Has anyone else experienced such problems? I do not know whether it is a problem with my unit or a software problem with eyetv 2. Have other users been having similar problems? I am using an Intel core duo imac (20"). I shall appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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    In case anyone has this issue, i thought i shall update the status of my problem. It seems the problem was with my eyetv 250. The closed captioning was not proper even when i connected it to a dvd player. Elgato tech support was very prompt and are replacing my unit. Hopefully the new one will work fine.

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