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Aslain 09-03-2006 10:05 AM

Camino: Address bar disappeared!
I feel so stupid for not being able to figure this out. When my MacBook first arrived about two weeks ago, one of the first apps I downloaded was the Camino browser. I'm enjoying it.

Today, however, I accidently leaned on the keyboard while I was browsing and made the address bar disappear. I looked into Camino Help, but didn't see a search function, and the FAQs didn't address this. I also did a Google search, but came up with tons of unrelated items. I even pressed the option to 'Reset Camino' but it just erased my cookies and cache, and didn't put the address bar back.

If someone can help me to come up with what seems to be a fairly obvious fix, I'd be grateful.

nehaagarwal2k 12-18-2007 09:50 AM

how to get back ur toolbar on mac
Click on 'View' and choose 'Show Toolbar'.
Keyboard key is shift+apple key+'T'

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