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    Every time i goto a website thats got videos I cannot play them all i get is a box saying NET BLOCKABLE anybody no about this

    The other night i went to youtube found a video i wanted to view and got net blockable

    if i right click and select setting i get a window saying let youtube access your webcam it not just that site its most others aswell

    Just been to flip for mac and got it again

    see the pic please help thanks
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    Youtube doesn't use wmv files (that flip4mac lets you play), it plays stuff using flash.

    Make sure you have the latest flash plugin.

    Have you installed any other 3rd party security software? Internet filters, firewalls?

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    i no it does not play wmv just useing it as a example no i have not installed any 3rd party security software found something in the monitor it sayd net blockable so i shut it down and its still block things is there any way to find a list of things that was installed lately ?

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    It sounds as if there is some security software installed. Internet Cleanup has a feature called NetBlockade which is supposed to block pop-up, ads, etc.
    Check out these links for more information:
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    I had the same problem last week, and it was the Internet Cleanup thing that I had just installed, but to get rid of it all you have to do is go into the Internet Cleanup app, and click NetBlockcade in the top toolbar thing, and remove the check from "Block Flash Content"
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    Nice one thanks for the reply yes i did install that i now no what the cause was thank you very much

    Also whats the correct way to remove programs ??

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