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    Thumbs down Colloquy IRC Chat App a sad example for bad support

    I know the Colloquy irc chat program is free and there are alternatives, but the way like they seem to handle reported bugs is a bit sad.
    The bug with the nicks with special chars for Channel OPs isnt nice, but one can live with it, but if the "WHOIS flood bug on ircops" finds no attention, is very sad.

    What they told me in the irc chat channel, is the result of the bug report ticket.
    My point is, if the developer of Colloquy adds features to Colloquy, which is non standard stuff, he should make sure it works correctly, or dont add it. If his knowledge isnt good enough to fix his added non standard stuff, he should atleast remove the feature.

    The reason why ircops only see the "whois flooding" after dcc send to someone or receive dcc sends by someone, are the user flags on the server.
    A normal user, even a channel op isnt able to see this whois flood info, doesnt mean he isnt flooded, he just cannot see it like a ircop.
    The whois info is standard stuff on irc, and no other irc program apart of Colloquy does a whois flood after dcc.
    I can test and compare it, because im irc server admin and ircop, the developer of colloquy isnt.

    Chatlog #colloquy Support Channel on Monday, 21.08.2006, CET
    xenon= irc nick of the Colloquy Author
    Rinoa= irc nick of a Colloquy Team Member
    jane= a Colloquy User
    Thorne^= a Colloquy User

    [22:36] Thorne^: xenon: the blanc channel seems to be ok, but there is still one thing, on irc networks with special op chars ( -@nick , and *@nick) are 2 errors: No.1 nick completor doesnt work if the nicks have this chars in front of the @. No. 2 if people with -@ quit on this kind of networks, the nick stays still in the nicklist, the chatter returns and his nick is 2x in the nicklist
    [22:36] xenon: what server is this?
    [22:37] xenon: Thorne^: do we have a trac ticket?
    [22:37] Thorne^: solution could be to add other colors instead of the special chars
    [22:38] xenon: no it is related to the parsing not the icons
    [22:38] Thorne^: we had a few months ago incl. a screenshot, but it got closed
    [22:38] xenon: please file a bug if there isn't one already
    [22:38] xenon: i did fix some thigns, but not what you mention
    [22:38] xenon: i don't remember seeing a bug for what you say
    [22:42] Thorne^: oh and i forget a 3rd small problem, if ppl chat with ircops on a network, or send them a file, the ircop gets endless flooded with "whois requests" in his status window (console in colloquy) in mirc, the only way to stop it is to quit/leave the server and reconnect
    [22:44] Thorne^: the whois comes every 2 seconds
    [22:45] xenon: i don't not understand that. we don't whois when you write or dcc someone
    [22:45] jane: well colloquy whoises somewhere
    [22:45] xenon: please file tickets for these issues, i will just forget
    [22:45] Thorne^: well the colloquy app does
    [22:45] jane: cause that happens to me too
    [22:45] Thorne^: see
    [22:45] jane: not necessarily when you chat with them, but it was something else i dont remember
    [22:45] xenon: please file tickets for these issues, i will just forget
    [23:08] Rinoa: Thorne^: your ticket just got closed, you already reported it once
    [23:08] Thorne^: k
    [23:08] Rinoa: akempgen was the reporter, but he stated you was the real ticket owner
    [23:09] Thorne^: but then i wonder why the same problems are there since more than 8 months
    [23:22] Rinoa: Thorne^: the ticket was closed because we arent going to fix it
    [23:22] Thorne^: now thats cool
    [23:26] Rinoa: Thorne^: you can take that up with the server who is using non-standard crap

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    I also had many problems with Colloquy. I ended up just calling it quits and now I'm a happy user of X-Chat Aqua

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    here here !!

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    I stopped using Colloquy for X-Chat Aqua too. It's a really simple and easy IRC app.

    - Kyle

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    You do know Colloquy is open source right? So there's not really "support" in the general sense, your expectations may have been too high. Also since it's open source, that means there are many people working on it, not just one developer.

    May want to read this for more information:
    Open source - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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