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    iMac & iBook Mail keeps closing on open after setting up .Mac Sync
    Ok everything was fine.. I transfered everything over from my Powerbook G4 12" and then made sure it all worked. Good to go.

    Then I started up syncing again with my .Mac account. Now when ever I open mail it just quits.

    I am lost. I tried reinstalling the http mail program I use to stay on my MSN mail.

    I have a pop mail, msn and .mac... I can not get in to change settings nothing.

    I reset everything with Onyx just because it was easy and I hoped it would clear the problem but its still doing it. Every time I have to force quit after it tells me it crashed....

    Whats going on anyone have any idea's?

    I changed the names from Powerbook G4 12" (They both said that) to different names for the systems.

    I also reset all the data on the .Mac Sync and started over I believe... but still its not working.....

    I really need to be able to check my mail and I hate webmail and one account has no webmail access so I am really in a bind.

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm not entirely sure what could be causing this, but an easy way to get answers about any .Mac-related problems would be to contact the .Mac team using this form on the .Mac website. They're usually prompt about sending answers and solving problems (48 hours at the very most).

    I'm not sure if .Mac is causing all of those problems, though. Regardless, getting in a support query about .Mac will help expedite a resolution to your computer troubles.

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