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    original ibook problems with Skype
    My daughter has an original ibook (g3 500mhz), with 256k memory (2 128mg modules, I think). She is having problems running the latest version of Skype (1.4 -with video) - it just doesn't run - no error messages or anything (previous versions ran just fine).

    Is this a common problem? Any ideas on what she might do to fix it? I was wondering if more RAM might help - b ut don't know what is the maximum ram one can put on that IBOOK.

    much - any advice appreciate greatly.


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    This forum is not for software questions as the sticky at the top states.

    Moving to correct forum...
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    Which version of OS X is installed? (To find out click the apple logo-> about this mac).

    Run software update to make sure you have the latest version of the system (10.4.7) if it isn't installed. (Apple logo-> Software update).

    In that iBook you can officially install a maximum of 640 MB (128MB are soldered onto the mainboard, you can put a 512MB stick in the other slot).
    Unofficially I've heard you can add another 1GB for a total of 1128MB.

    But I'd check to make sure it's not the OS first.

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