This list should be self explanatory. The purpose behind it is to give new switchers and old users alike the ability to find software available on the market simply by going down the list.
The list format is as follows:
  • Purpose
    • <wiki link>Windows Equivalent</link> (winXP+, <link to download>$0.00</link>)
    • <wiki link>OS X Equivalent</link> (ppc or uni, <link to download>$0.00</link>)

The () give information about the software, such as:
Both: This software is available on both OS X (Uni) and Win*
WinXP: Windows XP or higher is required to run this software
Win98: Win98+ is required to run this software
PPC: Written for PowerPC Chipset Macs
Uni: Universal Binary available (Both PPC and Intel Macs can run this)

Feel free to post replies on more items! *

*Pricing is subject to change