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Thread: DVD Remaster v 3.0 demo

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    DVD Remaster v 3.0 demo
    I downloaded DVD Remaster 3.0 because from what I read about it, it's a great application for DVD burning - it shrinks files for you, lets you choose what not to include, etc etc.

    I burned a trial disk earlier today and set it to compress to the size of the disk and watched it record three titles. When it was finally done, I loaded it in my DVD player to check it.

    Only the first 10 minutes or so play, and any time I attempt to fastforward or access the menu, the DVD locks up -- and I do mean locks up. When this happens I can't eject the disk, I can't stop the disk, and I can't turn the DVD player off.

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I was considering purchasing this, but after all these issues I don't think it's worth the money. Thanks in advance. neye:

    ***edit -- it plays back fine in the DVD player on my macbook, but not on my JVC.***

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    Does your JVC play burnt DVD's?

    I know some of the Sony range does not.

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    i have found that my dvd player has a hard time fast forwarding faster than the burn rate of the disk. eg: it has trouble FF'ing over 16x on my 16x memorex disks
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    It's played several DVDs that I burned with my PC.

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