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    Are there any Microsoft Access compatible programs for mac?
    Well for my home business i use Microsoft Access for billing and record keeping. In fact, i wouldn't have a business without Access. I am in the market for a new laptop and have been very interest in a MacBook. I would like to know if there are any programs that would be able to open a Microsoft Access database. If not, i will use Access on windows using Boot Capm. But i would like to save money by not having to buy another copy of windows. Thanks for your help.

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    Well, there are options, but none of them involve having Access running on Mac. AFAIK (and by extension NeoOffice) support access databases, although the user interface is somewhat different and I don't know if the reports and queries and such are compatible. I mentioned merely as a potential avenue of investigation.

    There are ODBC drivers to allow access to Access databases from Mac native apps. Actual Software make one, and you can use Excel or similar to create reports. Still, there is no Access front end so you don't get the actual Access application.

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