hey guys,
ive been having some trouble with limewire and i was wondering whether someone may be able to help me out.

last night i downloaded some stuff without a problem, closed the application and was surfing the net for about an hour. then i remembered something that i wanted to get so opened up limewire again and typed in what i wanted to find. it brought up the search results and i selected what i wanted and clicked download. then it loaded some page in safari and wouldnt download what i had selected.

so i checked to see if there was an update for the limewire program and there wasn't. so i restored the factory settings for the application and restarted my computer.

once i restarted my computer i loaded up limewire. it connected fine, i typed in wht i wanted to look for, the results came up i selected the file and select download. it loads in the bottom section and says "connecting". yet the selected file doesnt actually download.

would someone be so kind to try and help me out with whats happening.