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    Help maximising torrent download speeds
    Does anybody know what the best way to configure an iMac is (re. firewalls, etc), so that i get the best downloads when using BitTorrent.

    Most of my downloads seem to pick up no peers, and if they do, the downlod rate is so slow. I've tried looking on the BitTorrent site for help, but the menus in BitTorrent on a PC seem different to those on the Mac and therefore havent had much success.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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    well you have to change the default port of the application you are using, say to like 58999 if it allows you to open a port that large in everything that i say that follows. in system preferences > firewall you need to allow the port you designate to not be blocked by your firewall

    next you need to go into your router settings and make sure that you allow port forwarding of the same port that you are allowing through your firewall

    if you are using azerus it has the options to let you know that everything is okay, no nat errors, no firewalling,etc. azerus is a great torrent program

    finally you have to hope and pray that your internet provider is not throttling (aka slowing down) your connections when you are 'torrenting'

    hope this gives you some guidance to start with
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    my router requires the local IP adress for port forwarding, in windows I use the ipconfig command, but how do you find it on a mac?

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    You can use ifconfig from the command line, or go to the login window and click on the Computer name (Below where it says Mac OS X) a few times and it'll show the IP address.

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