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    Text Edit Problems (Previewing HTML In Browser)
    I made the switch from Windows to a Mac a few days ago with the purchase of my Macbook. I absolutely love OS X so far; its sooo easy to use/learn and it is a great improvement on Windows.

    I am however having one problem that I am hoping you guys could help me out with...

    So I am trying to use Text Edit for Mac OS X to create a webpage. I saved a little test bit of code as test.html and tried to open it up in safari/firefox however it is showing the actual code. Just in case you are wondering here is the code:

    Welcome to my Web page 

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    i think you have to change it from rich text to plain text, or something like that i cant remember. i use text wrangler for html instead of text edit, i like it a lot better

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    It works fine for me.
    Just be sure to uncheck the "if no extension is provided..." box when saving it and be sure to save it with the .html extension.
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    Personally, I'd just use SubEthaEdit ( It has a live webpage preview, has correct syntax markup and is really nice and fast.

    It is also free for non-commercial use.

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