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    Indesign CS help needed.
    I want to know, if I have a background image and place an image on top with "none" selected for the swatch will the background image show through when I go to print.

    I know in Quark we found this happen even though on screen and in our printouts it looked right, but we are still new to Indesign at my work.

    Can someone please help fast...

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    If it's an image that you placed, then selecting the "none" swatch won't effect it, it will still show.

    If it's a box with the "none" swatch selected, won't print, you're good to go.

    I think I understood you correctly...
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    I don't understand you completely though.

    I do NOT want the background showing through the image placed on top. Do I HAVE to select "paper" to make sure the background can not be seen through the image???

    It is a head shot on top of a scenic pic.

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