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Thread: avi program

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    avi program
    i was wondering if anyone can tell me of a downloadable avi viewer program,i have some vids on my mac and neither quicktime or real one player will run the avi files i have.

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    Lots and lots and lots of threads about this already... I'm sure you can search and find the answer in less time than it takes to make your next post.
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    Try VLC. It plays just about anything.
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    mplayer! i love this program... it plays EVERYTHING. its one of my favorites from Linux! it is os x native however, and can be found here:

    happy viewing!

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    Definity go with VLC
    VLC is honestly the only way to go. It basically plays any video you'll have. Trust me, It was a long and painful journey resulting in a reformation of my last computer untill I found vlc

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    VLC is the way to go. It will play ANYTHING! (even .VOB files, I've tried...)
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