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    Looking for an FTP program.
    When I was on windows I used SmartFTP, but I checked the website now and they don't have a release for OSX. I'm sure there has to be a decent one that's quite similar to SmartFTP for the mac, does anyone know where I can acquire one?

    Thanks. :headphone

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    There are quite a few FTP Clients for OSX but two that I like are Cyberduck which is totally free and Transmit which costs. Both are great but I love Transmit. Try Cyberduck since it's Free and a LOT of users here like it. You might also.

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    Thanks a lot, I'm downloading it now. From what it looks like, though, it's a lot like SmartFTP's drag+drop interface which I like. :miner:

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    I second Cyberduck. Strange name, but a very nice program.

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    There is also a great FTP server for Mac OS X, the Open Source PureFTPd. They have a native OS X port, wrapped up into a nice GUI, with the whole thing called PureFTP-Manager. REALLY nice and I use it all the time. I understand that Mac OS X comes with an FTP server, but I have never messed with it. PureFTP-Manager is a native OS X app, is free, and has a really nice GUI. Gotta luv it!
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    I am huge Transmit fan. The company that develops it is great.
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    i use FUGU - search for it on google.
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    i dont have no mac's
    i use transmit
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    i dont remember

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    Because of this thread I bought Transmit and it is very good. One of the best FTP programs I have used. It's also very easy to navigate around.

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