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    Hotmail & Safari?
    I can almost NEVER log into my hotmail on my mac. It is really starting to upset me. I dont want to have to go search out a pc every time I want to check my email. Do Microsoft and Mac have such a rivalry that nothing works well on a mac if it was made by Microsoft? If for some reason I will never be able to log into my hotmail, can some one tell me how to at least forward it to my .mac accont so I CAN check it?


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    Try a different browser:

    Is should definitely work in Firefox or Camino.

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    Ok, thanks.

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    I have absolutely no problem getting into Hotmail with Safari. What happens when you try? What version of Safari do you have?
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    I had the same problem, it's just that with safari, hotmail is unable to go directly to your inbox (don't ask me why). So all it does is give you a little notification and a hotmail error page. From that page through two links you will be at your inbox, but that's besides the point ("My Page" being the first one... I think). The real point is that you need to get Firefox.


    Download it now! :yinyang:

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