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Thread: Mac torrent app that let's you select what files to download in the torrent file

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    Mac torrent app that let's you select what files to download in the torrent file
    I used utorrent on windows and what I like about that was that it allowed me to select which files I wanted to download in a torrent file. So saw it's a torrent with a full cd and I am only looking for a song, I would de-select all the other songs and download the single song quicker.

    What mac torrent applications have this ability?
    I currently use torrent on wheels but I don't believe that this is possible with this software.

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    What about Opera's built in torrent program? I currently use firefox and was thinking of switching. I just love how many add ons there are for the foxfire

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    I used bitcomet in my pc and I am using vuze(formerly azureus) in my mac.
    bitcomet would pop a window showing all the files that were inside the torrent and I could select or deselect the ones I wanted or not. In vuze, there seems to be no place where I can do that, and the velocity is was smaller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by playm0de View Post
    +1 .....

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    Transmission lets you select the files as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug b View Post
    +1 .....

    Transmission all the way!

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    i use vuze but like how do you select only the songs you want on it

    i confsed

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