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    Video Editing Software Question
    I got an excellent deal on a G4 Powermac 400 Mhz system, I want to be able just to play around with it and do some video editing and DVD creation from my digital video camera. I checked out the specs on Ilife, it's what I want but the drawback on it was the specs for the IDVD application, it says that I need to have over 700 MHZ in order to use it, but apparently I will be able to use the IMovie software. I was reading up on Roxio's Toast 7, it appears its a similar product, but doesn't mention anything about video editing. Does anyone know anything about Toast 7? Does it do video editing? or would IDVD work at all on my G4 system with 400 MHZ? Is there any other related software that I could use and will work on my system under $100.00?

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    toast 7 is a burning application and that is all. it will burn anything you want.

    video editing, dont buy an up to date version of ilife, try and find the specs of an older version of ilife. or just hope and pray that the most up to date one actually runs on your computer.

    OR. if you wanna spend a lil more money upgrade your CPU with a processor from sonnet and that should only cost you like 150(off the top of my head) and then get ilife and with your 'excellent deal' you might be extremely ahead of the game on this one

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