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Thread: Simple Pie Chart Creation?

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    Question Simple Pie Chart Creation?
    This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of a simple program for creating charts from scratch, particularly pie charts? By simple, i mean something that just lets you choose how many sections you want, then allows you to enter a label, percentage and color for each one, and then just makes the chart. I have tried AppleWorks and Neooffice, both of which seem complicated and have fields of entry i don't have a clue about, and like everything else out there they seem to be more geared towards "analyzing" data in spreadsheets and creating a representational graph from that information, rather than just a simple enter-and-create format. I want this to create a pie chart of proportions of various foods in a diet, so the whole "create spreadsheet then analyze and translate into graph" approach is really inappropriately complex for my purposes. It's a simple percentage thing.
    Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Unless you want to spend a lot of money (i.e. on origin or sigmaplot) I would say that appleworks is probably your best bet. there should be enough information in the help menus to get you going. Others in the forum might be able to help too. I mostly use MS excel.

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    I too use MS Excel but am sure Appleworks should be able to do the same thing. I just built a 3D pie chart in, literally, 45 seconds.
    Create a table like I have below. Highlight the table, select graph, select Pie Chart, select the type of pie chart, add titles, done.
    Label Value
    Item 1 25
    Item 2 35
    Item 3 20
    Item 4 20

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    Try Adobe Illustrator if you have it. Select the pie chart tool, fill in the table, colour the segments and use Effect>3D>Extrude and Bevel to create a 3D look.

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