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    Mac iWork
    It's cheaper than getting Microsoft Office (I'm getting a new MacBook) but I'm wondering if it'd be wiser to get Office or to get iWork.
    I will need to transfer some documents - at least for printing. What are the pros and cons - or is there a comparison.
    I'm totally new at all this, so any help would be great.

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    The big thing you have to realise about iWork at the moment is that it doesn't have a replacement program for MS Excel. iWork comes with two applications: "Pages" (a MS Word, and also kind of a MS Publisher replacement) and "Keynote" (a MS PowerPoint replacement, and it is much better in my opinion). If you absolutely need excel then you might have to go for MS Office.

    You can open word and powerpoint files using iWork, but I'm not sure if it deals with the formatting ok 100% of the time, some things might be a little messed up, and you'd have to fix them (I don't really use it for this purpose). Someone else can maybe comment on this.

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    Excel - I won't need it. The main thing is transferring MS WORD to a Mac and visa versa. I'll need to for printing and such. Will it work?

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