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    Keychain Driving Me Crazy
    I am trying to add passwords manually to my keychain because the tick box 'Add to Keychain' does not work with ANY application (Mail, Adium, websites, etc).
    First: the Error Messages:

    I go Applications>Utilities>Keychain>All Items (there is only the DSL router listed - all the other applications, websites, pop3 access, where I have clicked 'Add to Keychain' are not listed)
    The Keychain is locked so I give in my password and unlock it. It unlocks, so therefore the passsword is correct, right.
    I then add an application (i.e. Adium) File>New Password Item. The drop-down box opens and I add the Application, username & password. I am then asked in a pop-up box to give my password for access to the System Keychain. This I do, then Adium is added to the list. Now...
    I click on 'Apple + I' to open the Attributes and Access Control box. The box opens.
    I have listed: Name / Kind / Account / Where / comments / Show Password (tick box).
    I click on Show Password. A pop-up box opens say Keychain wants access...Please enter the keychain password. I give in the password and 'click' Always Allow. I get the error message:
    'Sorry, you have entered an invaild password'. Three times and it (the box) closes.
    I go to Access Control. I am asked for my password AND IT IS ACCEPTED.
    I then add to the list and click save.
    I get the box: 'Keychain Access wants Permission to change access permissions...Please enter the keychain password. I type in my password and I get the Error box: SORRY, YOU ENTERED AN INVALID PASSWORD'. Three times and it closes.
    Now, if I entered an invalid password how was I able to get where I got, in the first place???

    Now this is what I have read in other mail and tried to do:

    It was suggested to another member that the 'change' their system password. System Preferences>Accounts>Password>Change Password
    I entered my original password and added a new password (actually the same as the original (now remember, this was a suggestion from another mailing). All went fine. The New password was accepted. I can use it to access System and Keychain but then the problems continue. just as described above.

    This REALLY is driving me nuts!!!
    :confused: :confused: :confused:

    OSX 10.4.6
    In The Keychain list (Upper Box) I have:

    Direct e-mail help:

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    I'm getting identical behavior- after updating to 10.4.7. Any ideas, anyone?

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    I have yet to upgrade to 10.4.7 myself but hopefully this will help. You list keychains you have at the end of your message, I noticed you didn't list a keychain called login. This is a special keychain that gets unlocked when you log in to your user account (the password for the login keychain is that same as your user account password). It is the login keychain that you should be using if you want to be able to add things to the keychain and never have to worry about them again (ie, automatic logins for adium or websites).

    If indeed your login keychain is missing (maybe it got corrupted or deleted somehow) then all I can suggest is that you make a new keychain (look in the file menu, by the way, I assume you are using the application called 'Keychain Access' right?) and call it login (lowercase letters). Now hopefully everything will work like you want (assuming OSX is clever enough to know this is supposed to be the login keychain from its name alone). Also, if this works, you may find that you no longer have to add keys manually, you might be able to use the dialogs that popup when you enter login details at a website for example.

    Good Luck!

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    I used Keychain minder to create a new login/system keychain. Just close all apps, launch (it may take a fresh reboot before it works) and for new password, put in your present password, and click New Keychain. Don't bother with the other options.

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