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    TextEdit and pdf files
    I have some pdf's files that I have inserted into a document in TextEdit. My professor doesn't have a mac so I go to File:rint and select save as pdf. The problem is that the pdf's are over one page long and load as a window within in the text edit window (with scroll bars). And so the rest of the pdf doesn't print. Is there a way I can expand the pdf's?

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    If you want to print them, just use Preview to open and print them instead of TextEdit.
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    You're not understanding my problem. I need to put the PDF files inline with the text because I am using the PDF files as citation. The print part is just to get the print version of Gmail into PDF format.

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    Why are you using text edit?

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    Yes I can see your problem, but as I think Graphite is suggesting, TextEdit is probably not the best app to use for this kind of thing. I've had a look and I can't see a way around the problem.

    Do you absolutely have to have the full pdf document embedded (it is strange for school/college work to include the full reference in the main text, and makes it hard to read)? If there is only a small part of the document that is actually useful then you can open the pdf in preview, crop it so it only shows the bit you want and resave it as a new pdf, then you can drop this into textedit (as long as your crop isn't more than a page long).

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    I'm including gmail conversations. So I go to print on gmail and it pops up with all that good formatting jazz and the gmail graphic. The answer is no, I do not need it. It does beef up my journal record for my professor though. Acrobat is going to take too much time to use. I think I may just include a package of pdf's with my journal.

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