I am wanting to query an Microsoft Access database that is on a Windows server. I have managed it using Demo copies of an ODBC Administrator and ProSQL, however, due to the ODBC Admin being a demo version it will only give me the first 3 rows of any table. Also the demo version of ProSQL doesn't allow you to see the correct syntax to be able to use it within Applescript.

I have search for ages trying to find free versions but with no luck.

Please could some help me and tell me where to find some free versions to enable to query my Access database.

Just for information: I want to be able to get data off my Access database and put them into Quark files. The is data on the database that will have to go into to separate Quark files, so I want to be able to use Applescript to loop through the data and create multiple Quark files.

Any information on any part of my task will be gratefully appreciated.