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    Question The Secret of Monkey Island
    Hey, I've begun the hunt for the original Monkey Island game, for mac: The Secret of Monkey Island since I found out about scummvm.
    The trouble is, the mac disks for this game are awfully difficult to come by. They don't come up on eBay, amazon, etc and I've really run out of ideas.

    I'm basically asking if anyone here would be willing to sell/trade/whatever me a copy of the game or if anyone knows of any sites that deal with old/rare (mac) games.
    Any help's greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    CBG. :confused:

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    Good news! You don't actually need the mac versions to use SCUMMVM, you can actually use the PC ones too (IBM compatible DOS, whatever you want to call them). SCUMMVM is an emulator and it just needs certain files from the disks, althought you can use the mac disks the PC ones will work too. I have done this with old PC versions of MI and brokensword (another fine game) so far.

    The PC versions are much easier to find I'd imagine.

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    Thanks for the info, zeta101. I'm sure I have seen the PC discs on eBay so this is very helpful!

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    Great game, I played it on PC before.

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    Incase anyone else happens on this thread and is interested in SCUMM but doesn't have any old games to use it with, you can get two games for free (they are so old that the game developers have given them away as freeware now) for SCUMM, one is Flight of the Amazon Queen and the other is Beneath a Steel Sky. The latter was the first point and click adventure game I ever played and really cool I spose they are a little corny though lol...

    You can get the game files you need (as well as the SCUMMVM .app) from the extras section of the official SCUMMVM website (nothing dodgy) from here .

    For those who haven't ever experienced the monkey island series (or broken sword for that matter) you should check them out. You can pick up the PC versions very cheap on ebay and use SCUMM.

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