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    virtual pc question
    i am a long time user of virtual pc and first of all i just want to say that the people who think it sucks dont understand what its meant for. its not meant for fun or playing games, its meant to allow you to do things you simply cant do on mac os x. yes, sure its slow but once i get it all started up it works perfectly fine for what i need it for (mainly running a few simple windows apps i need for school). i consider it enough of an accomplishment to be able to run windows xp on my ibook at all.

    anyway now thats out of the way, here is my question. im wondering how likely it will be that an intel version of virtual pc will come out? i ask this because i would love to be able to copy my existing virtual machines over to an intel mac and have them become fast. do you think this will be possible?

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    MS has aid that there will likely be a VPC version for the Intel Macs. Odds are it will be significantly faster since the program will no longer have to emulate Intel on PPC, it will be able to run natively. To be honest, Parells has already beat MS to the punch and has made a virtualization App that allows you to run Windows on the Mac from within OSX. Rumor has it that this virtualization may be native is 10.5 for the Intel Macs. If that happens, MS won't need to do it. Compatibility with older PPC version drive images remains to be seen.

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