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    Mac / OSX / RDP connection problems
    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but here is a brief description of my problem.....

    I am a windows / Linux person, very unfamiliar with Mac's and have not touched one for years.....

    My company hosts an application that customers connect to using RDP form Windows based machines.
    I have one customer who prefers to use his Mac Powerbook (iirc) laptop to connect.
    He is using the latest version of the Microsoft RDP client for Mac's, running the latest version of OSX (he say's) and is having a problem where over time he loses speed and connection to the server.
    The server is Win2K3, using Active directory based OU's to direct him to the proper data set.
    He was working along fine until one day everything slowed dramatically, froze on him and eventually he was disconnected.

    I believe the disconnection was actaully server initiated as it appears that his connection became inactive long enough to cause the disconnection based upon OU Group policy.

    Here is where it gets to me a little strange.
    I set up a new user/pass for him (he was using a 'general' company one) and everything worked fine from April 17th to May 10th.
    Then the problem resurfaced.

    I dont technically need to help him, but being a helpful type of person (to a point) i'd like to exhaust all forms of support before i simply "cut him loose".

    The application is a VB over Access app, and has been extensively used for many years by many hundreds of customers. I have tested, using my limited resources, and friends, the application for a short amount of time using the MS RDP for Mac, and I and they do not have any problems.

    One other note, I have actually gotten to the point where I have been controlling his active session, with him watching, and When I'm entering information, I can see it, but he cannot.

    As I said, contractually, we are only required to support WinXP and newer, but I'd like to help him out if possible.

    Any tips, ideas, links etc would be greatly appreciated.

    Also if this needs to be moved to a more appropriate forum i understand.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

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    First off:

    Props to you for taking the time to support a mac user and not just taking the "it's not supported" stance.

    I'd perhaps try having him remove the RDP client app (and all related preference files - can usually be found by searching for "appname.plist") and reinstalling everything (perhaps grab the latest version from microsoft's website).

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