Bought my new G4 14" iBook in November 05. First thing I did was import some CDs using iTunes so I could get some of my music onto it. About 2 CDs in, iTunes crashed, giving an error when importing a certain track, and had to close.

I thought it might be an old version of iTunes, so I updated it to the newest. Did another few tests, and a couple more CDs in and it did the same thing. Reopen iTunes and reimport the same CD, works fine, another couple in, it crashes.

So last night I went to import some brand new CDs (no scratches or marks). 2 or 3 CDs into the import, crashes again. Newest version of iTunes, all updates on OS X Tiger.

Do I have a faulty iBook? I've noticed it get's very hot indeed and last night was the first time I've ever heard the fans run on it. It's always plugged into to the mains when I'm importing.