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Thread: FCP on beige

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    FCP on beige
    I don't know if this has been posted before(newbie), but I just came into a G3/266mhz and i have upgraded to a Sonnet G4 1ghz, ATI 9200 PCI 128mb, OSX Jaguar, and 768mb ram.....
    All that said, is Final Cut Pro an option? has anyone run it on a similiar system or is it hopeless?

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    I'm sorry, I have a G3 "Beige"

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    Hmmm, well the upgrades you've made seem quite sensible, you probably can run final cut on there, but don't expect any performance wonders...
    The only catch: Newer version of FCP require 10.4, so you might need to install that - which could be tricky...

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    it sounds like with your upgrades it will may run slowly, but it will work. like aptmunich said make sure you have the correct os before the purchase or see if you can find an older version
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    i dont remember

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    Since i've upgraded my processor to a G4, should i still consider my mac a G3, or should i just think of it in terms of a G4? So in looking at requirements for software, and it has G4 support, but not G3, should i be fine, or is it skeptical?

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