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Thread: A few questions about open office....

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    Angry A few questions about open office....

    I have an intel imac.

    I recently installed open office and x11. While I'm glad I can use a word processor, it really lacks in quite a few areas.

    I also read that neoOffice do not have an Intel version yet.

    Is there any plans for this to run natively on intel macs? Any rough dates?

    I can't afford, nor do I want ms office.


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    I think the best answer you can get for your question is to ask the developpers of NeoOffice themselves...
    They know the right answer for sure.

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    I am hoping to join the NeoOffice developers so I've been doing some research.

    NeoOffice needs our help. It gets downloaded by millions every year but most people don't donate anything - and it's maintained by very few people who are only covering half of their costs. That being said, NeoOffice will have an intel build of version 2 in alpha testing around June, but in order to get the alpha download you'll have to donate. Once it is considered "stable" you'll be able to download it free, but please consider donating even as little as $10 to keep those (super nice, btw!) guys working on it.

    NeoOffice for PPC has stable version 1.2.2 and the alpha for version 2 is out now. Version 2 is based on openoffice 2.0.2 code as far as I know.

    Last but not least, NeoOffice doesn't require any extra software such as X11 to be installed, and they convert all the menus and everything to be just like all other mac software. The spirit of open source software at it's finest!!

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