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    Starcraft problems
    I am at school and having an issue playing starcraft. I am able to connect and play warcraft 3 just fine online. But when I try connecting to play starcraft it says that either my port isn't open, or that my connection isn't good enough. How could it be good enough to play warcraft 3 but not good enough to play starcraft? I know the port isn't an issue because I have my computer set up to not have any firewall, and I play warcraft, which uses the same port at starcraft, well one of the ports. I'm running it on a Mac and I can't find anything to help fix it. I tried blizzard tech support but they just replied with the same thing that their FAQ's say, which is which ports the games use. Worthless. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Um, try reinstalling?

    What version of OS X are you running? What kind of system are you using? I know just about anything would run SC, but it's important info nonetheless.

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    Incompatable Game Type???
    I have mac-book pro OSX tiger. and I can run starcraft, but when I LAN with pc's the game says, incompatable game type, any way arround this.
    No, I will not try Boot Camp.

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