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Thread: DVD Shrink Equiv.

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    DVD Shrink Equiv.
    I just realised that as it is I can't compress 8gb dvd's to 4 with my mac. I was wondering if there is a program like dvd shrink for macosx?

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    handbrake go look for it on

    Apple, think different

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    What are you using to Rip them to the Hard Drive? Most use MacTheRipper.

    This will shrink the files that MacTheRipper rips just like Shrink.

    If you purchase Roxio Toast Titanium 7, it will shrink to fit a 4.7GB DVD then burn it for you also. It's a great burning program for any type of file for OSX.

    There is Handbrake like was pointed out above. Here is the URL.

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    Cheers :-)

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