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    Conversion question!
    I have a large powerpoint file with sound, movies, etc. I wanted put it on DVD. I saved it to QT. When I played the file on its own it worked fine. Orginally I saved in best quality. It took two hours to import it into IMovie which I didn't necessairly mind. However, the movie came in distorted.

    I changed the quality to smooth playback.I tried doing it as segments. It did work. However, I could only add four or five small video segments.

    I tried saving the entire movie again under smooth playback. Again, it took awhile to put in imovie but I wouldn't have minded if it worked. Unfortunatly, it came in distorted.

    My powerpoint doesn't have the DV function.

    I've been thinking though...

    Can I take the qt file I made in powerpoint put it into keynote, save keynote as a quicktime file and then put it in imovie?

    I know this worked when I put an wmv file into keynote.

    Anyone tried this?


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    Can you go from PP - mpeg1? Instead of PP to compressed QT to mpeg1?

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    All that my powerpoint converts to is quicktime.

    If there is a way to convert a powerpoint to mpeg I'm listening!

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