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    Mar 13, 2006
    office on my intel mac
    hey so i need a program that will open m$ office files, mainly just word and i know microsoft office 2004 for mac will run on intels but i was on the apple site and people were giving it some bad reviews. just wondering if there is anything better that will work for me or if i should just use that. price doesnt really matter, i just want the program that will work the best. thanks!

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    steve jobs stated that office 2004 for mac runs like butter on the intel macs
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    office 2004 works very well for me..i cant wait untill the universal version comes out but untill then i really dont notice much of a slowdown at all and it runs very smoothly. I would just stick with office 2004 plus i dont even know if there is a program out there that will let you open or edit office files besides office. hope that helps.


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    neo office or open office will let you do what you need but i dont know if either it universal right now but they are both free so what you got to loose?

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    I just switched from XP and use Office 2004, for Word, Excel and Powerpoint it works fine and really isn't that different from the Win versions for most things. The "Student/Teacher" version is $125 almost everywhere and gives you Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Entourage (outlook for mac).

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    ok cool. thanks alot for the insight. my friends sister has a copy of office anyways so ill check it out.

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    I find it runs slower but... I can still remember the days of windows 95 and 150mhz cpu's and 16mb RAM... so I'd be an idiot to complain. Seriously it's fine.

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    lol @ 16 mb of ram. yeah i mean how slow can word processing be. thats what i was thinking, ya kno? anyways ill give it a whirl

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