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    Apr 22, 2006
    Developer Needed

    I produce a Grand Theft Auto fan site and am looking for someone to write a quite simple program for me to enable Apple Mac users to get the same experience from my site as Windows users do...

    I have a Mac emulator but mainly use Windows and can't write the Mac version of the tool I need myself as I have no Apple Mac development experience...

    Sorry for mentioning Windows, please don't stone me to death...

    I can't pay any money because I don't make any from this venture... It's just for fun but i'm using it as a way to learn new technologies and understand how independant websites work...

    The website URL is and it's purpose is to allow community users to post and share cheat codes they have discovered for the PSP version of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories...

    I'm current writing a web based version but the key element is how the users download the cheat codes they have selected (cheat codes are just text by the way)...

    The installation process requires that the user connects their PSP to their computer and the cheat code text be placed in a specific folder in a specific file on that device... Dead simple yeah...?

    I've already written a stub program for this (on Windows)... That will read all the data from the end of itself that comprises the cheat code text, detects the PSP drive and copies the text into the right place...

    I really don't want to exclude Apple Mac users from this and a great many of them have already expressed themselves that this service should be available to them too... I totally agree with them but don't have the skills to do it myself...

    Sorry if this is a bit of a long post but I really hope someone out there wouldn't mind making this simple stub program for me so Mac users can enjoy all this cheat/hacking fun like the Windows users already can...

    I really hope to here from someone,



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    Exclamation Guys...
    You guys are beating up on poor AdePSP here. neye: Hes a nice guy that is a descendant of Fanjita! He's posted a while ago and nobody cares. All he wants to do is to help our kind to get cheats and be able to link to and from our macs and PSPs for free. Is that so evil? Ps. AdePSP this is me You've Got To Be Kidding!! don't you recognise me?

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    If your a guest and you know you have the skills to help YGTBK and ADePSP sign on/register and TELL US.
    btw if you know any app that can help us that is extremely appreciated.
    Together we can make this world MACFRENDLY!

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    Apr 22, 2006
    I tried man... Didn't I...?

    Either mac users care nothing for the GTA community or they just can't do it...?

    I'll see what I can do myself mate... I have an emulator...


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    good luck.

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